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Paul Roger
Decaying Crackle Pot

My name is Paul Antony Rogers, born 1965. I am a hobby potter – Born and bred in Newport, South Wales.

I love crafting unique clay  and ceramic  pots for plants in a variety of colors and shapes.

 I’m married and have two adult off spring. I dabbled a little in bonsai but noticed the pots. After failed attempts to teach myself how to make basic pot forms – I sort help from Brenda Vanderberg, who runs “The Pottery Shed” in Bristol.

https://www.facebook.com/potterybristol.co.uk From the first session I was hooked, her passion came over straight away and knowledge base is that deep, even though I’ve been a student since early 2017 to present day. I’ve not scratched the surface of her ceramic wealth. With a thirst for more, I signed up for membership at the Cardiff Pottery Work, https://www.facebook.com/cardiffpotteryworkshops/ Where Kelly Campbell took me under her wing and mentored me. She taught me wheel skills beyond the norm, which I use to make the crackle style today. She has awesome knack of making you believe in yourself and that anything is possible. I now have the foundations to make outstanding pieces of bonsai ceramic art. Going forward I will continue to push my skills and professional development for people to enjoy.

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paul rogers ceramics

I boast a wide range of designs and sizes within crackle pots style; I’ve developed skills to enable me to open the smallest of cracks to deep textured walls. This gives you a variety to enjoy. My pieces feature urban naturalism as well as developing additional colours. Also the clay can be left natural, which alone gives the foundation base for some awesome bonsai work. I hold artistic licence, giving the scope to work with your suggestions, leaving the final design piece to the wheel gods. This also gives each and every pot the uniqueness it deserves. To help, I share my work to allow you the foundation to come to a decision. Please browse the site and enjoy my work where it will give you an idea to choose and get the idea of what you’ll like. To finish – thanks to a high quality and artistic professionalism, every piece i create is worked to the highest standard..